Market Sectors

What would you like us to photograph or film? We work with many different types of organisation, from corporate promotional film, pop videos, sports and extreme sports, tourism and many other areas. Sky View Survey deal with surveying / engineering-type organisations (see our sister company Sky View Survey). What is the organisation / enterprise / company trying to achieve? What unique perspective(s) is required? How can additional value be added to a project? Is access to your required site dangerous for humans to reach?

Whatever the requirement Sky View Film / Sky View Survey aim to deliver real value and the ‘Wow’ factor whether its still photographs or film. We work in the following sectors and more:-

  • Property Sales
  • Corporate / Promotional Film / Video or Still Photographs
  • Tourism promotion
  • Land Management
  • Sporting Events
  • Extreme Sports & Motorsports
  • Travel Organisations
  • Over-water shots
  • Insurance Claims
  • Archeology